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ATSC/NTSC DVD recorder from RCA

Matt Burns

It's not every day that a DVD recorder makes it onto Engadget HD's front page but sure 'nough, this boy has an ATSC tuner built in and can even record from it. Props needs to go out to the techs at RCA for recognizing that the digital transition is only a short two years and two months away and some people will not be able to use their current ATSC-lacking DVD recorders. The DRC8335 should be available in April at a MSRP of $249.99 and features all the standard VCR to DVD functions, plus that ATSC tuner that will pick up local digital broadcasts and even records those digital programs to a DVD. There is no word if you would be able to record 720p/1080i broadcasts onto a DVD but we would have to guess that you can't. But even still, this should be a great digital solution for those folks that still don't understand that a digital video recorder is still the best option.

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