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Fujitsu's Aviamo 1080p HDTVs


We first looked at Fujitsu's Aviamo line of 1080p HDTVs at CEDIA last year and they are back at CES, this time with prices and shipping dates. Aside from those changes, these three HDTVs are still among the best looking we've seen. Fujitsu is referring to this as its luxury line, featuring a somewhat unique design with a very clean front that lends itself to the high end installations these screens are destined for. Another premium feature is Fujitsu's AVM III image processing, enabling scaling of all lower-res sources to 1080p, a 24p/30p mode for film based sources, advanced color management and contour correction to reduce jaggies. The 65-inch P65FT00AUB plasma should be shipping in the around the end of February, with an MSRP of $17,999 followed by the 37-inch P37FT05AUB at $4,999. The 50-inch P50FT00AUB plasma model (also shown) will be a second quarter release but doesn't have a pricetag yet. These are true HDTVs, with ATSC/QAM tuners and on screen program guides with tunerless models to follow shortly. Dual HDMI 1.1 connections -- no HDMI-CEC here, but IEEE1394 and RS-232 are included -- round out the feature list, check out the gallery for more of these HDTVs' sharp angled features.

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