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InFocus drops the price on the still kickin' SP777

Matt Burns

InFocus is keeping the award winning ScreenPlay 777 around just a bit longer with a price drop to $9,999.99. (Previous price drop lowered it to $12,999) We were kind of hoping that they would announce a successor to the venerable 720p DarkChip3 projector. This projector really is sweet and all, but it;s been around for a while and we just want a refresher. It;s not even that it's 720p cause around here we don't fall for all that 1080p hoopl, but it would have been nice to see the same quality contrast and colors with the option of a higher resolution. Even still, the projector is an amazing unit and we would venture to say that is now the best projector for under $10 grand. (period)

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