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Monster unveils Lifeware Media Center PCs / extenders

Darren Murph

While there's been a plethora of new kit flowing from CES, media center extenders has certainly not stolen the limelight. Oddly enough, one of the first to announce such a device comes from the cabling company we all love to hate, as it introduces its forthcoming lineup of media center PCs and extenders. Additionally, Monster has partnered with Exceptional Innovation to bring Lifeware automation software onto their HTPCs, dubbing the customized package "Experience Lifeware." While details are all but nil on each, Monster said that the new lineup would fall in its newly-unveiled "Monster Life" brand, which seeks to create media-centric PCs for "distributing media around the home." Notably, the extenders could actually be integrated into PowerCenters, which are those unsightly devices that reportedly protect anything connected from a small nuclear disaster (or similar), potentially meaning that you'll be forced to purchase 18 additional AC outlets that you have absolutely no use for to take advantage of Monster's media center extender. Per usual, no word on pricing or availability just yet aside from knowing that the "package will be available through select (read: Best Buy) retailers," but history tells us that those who admire a good dollar-to-utility ratio will probably pass on this one.

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