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Cingular scheduled to rebrand as AT&T by iPhone launch

Ryan Block, @ryan

At a press conference at CES today we learned that Cingular has intends to initiate its rebranding to AT&T (not AT&T Wireless) by mid-year -- in time for the iPhone launch. While they weren't entirely certain of an exact date, they definitely seemed determined to make sure the AT&T branding was firmly in hold by the time the industry-changing device. Cingular couldn't officially confirm whether Apple could or couldn't make an identical device without a cell radio (i.e. the "true" video / widescreen / WiFi iPod), but they stated "Apple can build [their] devices." Other interesting Cingular / Apple bits:

  • It was again confirmed that customers must agree to a two year contract, even if that requires customers to renew their current service.
  • There is no iTunes revenue sharing.
  • There will be no physical branding on the iPhone but Apple branding. The only AT&T / Cingular branding will be on-screen where the carrier readout is shown.
  • Although nothing was confirmed, Cingular made it sound as though users might be able to expect a specially bundled data plan for the iPhone.

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