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Panasonic's 2007 HDTV lineup unveiled


Panasonic announced updates to several of its HDTV models here at CES, and revealed an all new 42-inch 1080p plasma (above). We asked about possiblities for big LCDs and related technology but Panasonic reps made things clear, its future in large TVs is currently in plasma and it doesn't believe LCD measures up. For your viewing pleasure today is the 61-inch LIFI RPTV which, for the uninitiated, contains a HID lamp that lasts so long you might never need to change it. Also there is the 1080p 58-inch TH-58PZ700 plasma we've been waiting to see on this side of the Pacific without springing for a 103-inch model, and the TC-32LX700 LCD. The TC-32LX700 has the new hotness 120Hz refresh rate Panasonic has called Motion Picture Pro and Alpha IPS technology to widen the viewing angle.

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