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Preliminary: Sony missed 2M shipment target in '06


According to a market survey released yesterday by Japanese game publisher, Enterbrain Inc., Sony is falling short of both its Japanese and global shipping targets. Having shifted 466,716 Playstation 3 units since the November 11 launch, the electronics giant appears to be missing its goal of shipping 1 million units in Japan by a considerably wide margin.

An ABC News report notes the more successful situation in North America, where Sony hit their 1 million unit target, but concludes that the combined results fail to satisfy Sony's desire to ship 2 million consoles worldwide before the end of 2006. Production woes and steep competition from Nintendo's Wii, which sold close to a million units in Japan since early December, are the chief culprits cited.

Sony is expected to release their own shipping estimates soon and warn that there may be discrepancies between their data and the results obtained by Enterbrain.

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