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Developers chime in on PalmOS, ALP

Darren Murph

While the whole Cobalt-that-never-was / Access buyout has all been sort of a blur over the past few years, the one thing that remained constant was the aging of Palm's current OS and the inability to sufficiently replace it. While we've seen ALP prototypes and more recently, Palm licensing Garnet source code from ACCESS, an interesting series of interviews over at PocketFactory asks developers to throw in their $.02 in regard to the debacle, and overall, responses weren't entirely shocking. The CEO of mobile game developer Astraware felt the need was still there to continue supporting Palm, if for nothing more than to take advantage of its relatively impressive installed user base, but it was no secret that he was more excited about a Linux-based possibility. Moreover, both the COO of iambic, Inc. and Stuart Dewar from Pimlico Software stressed that Palm's situation is nothing short of dire; with Windows Mobile 5 devices selling by the truckload (and not suffering OS battles all the while), it's giving developers less reason to focus their efforts on Palm applications. Additionally, building WinMo apps that could easily be ported to a Linux platform is becoming the most attractive option, which eventually leaves Palm trailing in the dust. Nevertheless, it's hard to deny to depth and breadth of Palm's marketshare, but be sure to hit the read link for the full skinny on just how developers feel about using their efforts to create Palm-friendly programs.

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