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Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony sued for controller patent infringement [update 1]


Fenner Investments has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, alleging that the 'Big Three' have violated its patent for a "low-voltage joystick port interface." The patent was filed in 1998 (granted in 2001), and Fenner is now seeking compensation for damages it claims to have incurred as a result of the violations.

Ars Technica did some digging and discovered that Fenner filed a pair of similar lawsuits in the past against several other large companies. Both suits were settled out of court, with one source citing a "favorable result" for Fenner. Can Fenner keep its hot streak going? It could be years before we know that answer.

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This story is a duplicate of an earlier post. We apologize for the error. The author has since been subjected to Full House reruns.

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