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Jensen unveils NVXM1000 "Rock-n-Road" XM/GPS nav system


Jensen looks to have walked into CES with its clever hat on, showing off its new NVXM1000 "Rock-n-Road" XM/GPS combo unit, which the folks at Orbitcast got a chance to check out and snap some pics of. Specs-wise, the unit definitely looks to bring the goods, with a 4-inch touchscreen display Orbitcast describes as "beautiful," an 8GB hard drive you can load up with MP3s, 11 million pre-loaded points of interest, and turn-by-turn voice prompts in no less than 12 different languages. The XM side of the equation comes courtesy of the unit's XM Mini Tuner slot, though it seems you'll have to fork over the $30 for the tuner itself separately. Optional accessories include a rear-view camera to watch your back and an FM modulator to pump tunes and voice directions through your vehicle's speaker system. Look for this one sometime this spring for an even $1,000.

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