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Vista Media Center's SportsLounge

Ben Drawbaugh

Since the days of WebTV there has been this concept of bringing the Internet and TV together. It is becoming more common than ever to have a laptop on the coffee table to use while watching TV. The biggest fans of this are sports nuts who want to keep track of all the scores or their fantasy players. While this works well what if it were possible to integrate the scores into your TV in a way you could control with your remote? This is the idea behind SportsLounge on Windows Vista. Not only will this allow you to check out the scores when you want, but it will even allow you to select the game on the ticker and switch to that channel (assuming you get that channel) if you don't get that channel you can see the box score and stats from that game. This will also enable you to view upcoming games and even individual player stats for fantasy fans.

More screen shots after the jump.

[Thanks, Arvind]

Individual Player stats, notice the video window.

Scores for all the games, sorted by sport.

Upcoming sporting events.

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