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Globalsat kicks out GH-615 GPS watch / receiver

Darren Murph

For those who take comfort in wearing a GPS module wherever they go, or for runners and athletes who incorporate GPS technology to fine tune their workout, Globalsat is expanding its GPS lineup by tossing out the GH-615 wristwatch. Although details are a bit scarce, the black timepiece houses a SiRF Star III GPS antenna, supports WAAS / EGNOS, and offers up tracking, positioning, and time alert functions. Furthermore, the watch can be connected via USB to double as a GPS receiver for laptops and other mapping applications, and it's pre-programmed to record the user's route by marking and saving tracking points as you go. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but if you're in a rush get GPS on your wrist, there's a plethora of worthwhile alternatives just waiting to get strapped on.

[Via GPSGazette, thanks Dimitris]

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