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KDDI follows NTT DoCoMo's lead, unleashes ten phones

Chris Ziegler

Yeah, that's right, NTT DoCoMo -- you're not the only carrier in town that can flex its product lineup muscle every now and again. KDDI au becomes the second Japanese carrier this week to add ten phones, a quantity most American carriers barely reach in a year's time. But we digress; leading up the pack is the "Media Skin," a clean-looking candybar with a covered keypad that began life as a KDDI design project. Meanwhile, the Aquos-branded W51SH from (you guessed it) Sharp should square up nicely with similar Sony Bravia-branded offerings for NTT, and, well... the list pretty much goes on ad nauseam. Those with a particularly strong stomach for viewing tech they can't have where they live can surf on over to KDDI's "Collection 2007 Spring" site for the full list -- meanwhile, we'll be crying ourselves to sleep.

[Via Akihabara News]

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