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Midnight launch event: your launches edition

Barb Dybwad

Several of you sent in your midnight launch photos, and we managed to get a tiny cross-section of this event from around the world (any players from Europe or Asia care to send your photos? we'll add them in!) -- the US, Canada, and Australia. Click on for some photos from your launch events.

[Above photo courtesy of Alec Paden]

Gamestop, Orange, CT

Thanks to Alec Peden for sending these in!

And no one's buyin'!

Notice the quickly moving form rushing off to install...

Best Buy, Toronto, Ontario

Thanks to Xeres from the Whispers of the Fallen guild for sending these shots from Scarborough Town Centre.

The first in line die-hards.

The line at 10pm.

OK, this eskimo totally pwns my Freezing Crusade.

Line at 11:45pm -- let there be light!

Xeres says: "The line as we were leaving... Approx. 12:10AM."

EB Games, Canberra, Australia

Thanks to Cris B for sending shots from the Australian launch!

I'm thinkin' it was slightly warmer Down Under...

Do you guys not have that "no shoes no service" rule down there in Australia? :)

Thanks to everyone for sending your photos -- haven't sent yours yet? It's not too late -- send them to us at countdowntobc AT wowinsider DOT com and we'll either add them in here or do another post.

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