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Rapwing Lair, the best WoW-inspired song ever

Ross Miller

We're going to side with our mates at WoW Insider and enshrine Rapwing Lair as the best World of Warcraft-inspired meme yet. Leeroy, Dives, please move aside for lyricist Shaun Connery.

Rapwing Lair is an extensive "rhythmic project," as described by Connery, to detail how one defeats every single boss in Blackwing Lair while mixing disparate styles of hip hop. The song, split into two parts, can be heard via the right column on this page. It's very long, but those who play World of Warcraft (and there's around 8 million of you out there) should not miss this strangely stunning achievement.

Head on over to WoW Insider for full lyrics and an explanation of the song from Connery himself.

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