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SeeEyE2Eye Webcam Periscope and Teleprompter

Mat Lu

SeeEyE2EyE is an strange, but sort of cool hardware device that hooks up to your Mac to serve double duty as a teleprompter or iChat (Skype, etc.) video chat assistant. Basically, it's a kind of periscope arrangement that will project a small part of your screen to an angled transparent surface in front of your iSight. So if you position your iChat window right below the SeeEyE2EyE, it will project your interlocutor in front your iSight, allowing you to make more natural eye contact. You can also use it with teleprompting software like Videocue 2 or ProPrompter LCD to turn it into a teleprompter for making a video blog, etc.

It comes in two models both for $99: one for built-in iSights (e.g. on the MacBook (Pro)) and another for external iSights and other webcams. Despite the slightly unclear website, the company did confirm to me that the "built-in laptop cams" model does work with the MacBook (Pro). Unfortunately, they also say that the same model does not work on iMacs with built-in iSights as they are apparently too thick. It ships January 22.

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