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Flybook's V5i 8.9-inch convertible Tablet PC


If LG's C1 Xnote is just too much bulk for you, and Fujitsu's Lifebook P1610 is putting you off with that lack of 3G, you might dig the up and coming Flybook V5i, which does it up right with an 8.9-inch convertible touch screen, 1.2Ghz U2500 Core Duo processor and the HSDPA hookup. Of course, at sizes like this, you're going to be making some sacrifices, and it looks like Flybook decided to axe the trackpad, instead opting for an OQO-esque thumb stick. This latest entrant into the ultra-ultraportable Tablet PC space is a tad frumpy in the looks department, but we're sure it'll make plenty of mobile professionals very happy all the same. As for price, the laptop should be going for $2200 - $2500 when it's released, which should be soon.

[Via Carrypad]

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