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Starting zone questions answered: Hellfire Peninsula

Eliah Hecht

Following up on yesterday's post lamenting Hellfire Peninsula chat, I thought it might be helpful to make a FAQ for each of the three starting zones: Hellfire Peninsula, Azuremyst Island, and Eversong Woods. I'll start with HFP, but look for baby zone FAQs soon. I only have experience on the Alliance side of things. However, if you want to contribute Horde FAQs (or any other FAQs) in the comments, please do, and I'll update the post accordingly.

Update: added two more Horde questions.
Update: more stuff for both factions

For both factions:

  • Where's the bank? Shattrath City.
  • Shat-huh? Follow the road south out of HFP and into Terokkar Forest, then follow the road west.
  • OK, how about the auction house? No AH in Outlands, I'm afraid. Blizz stated that they didn't want Azeroth to become too deserted, so they made it so that you have to go back to the old cities to use the AH.
  • Where do I find Dreadcallers? The same place as the other demons for that quest; they just have a bad spawn rate. Be sure to kill the other demons too, since they're on the same spawn table. [thanks, Roger]
  • Isn't there an easier way to get back to the old cities? I'm glad you asked! Yes, there is. There are free portals to all capitals from Shattrath, right in the middle of the city with the Maia Archon Naaru. No portals back to Shattrath though. [thanks, Tom]

For Alliance:

  • Where's Expedition Point? South of the Legion Front, north of Zeth'gor.
  • How do I go on those neat bombing runs? Go to Expedition Point, they'll get you started.
  • Where's the First Aid trainer? Temple of Telhamat, in northwestern HFP.
  • Leatherworking? Around back of the inn at Honor Hold.
  • How do I learn Jewelcrafting? Go to the Exodar (take a boat from Auberdine).
For Horde:
  • Where's Reaver's Fall? A bit northwest of the Legion Front.
  • How do I go on those neat bombing runs? Go to Reaver's Fall, they'll get you started.
  • Where's the First Aid trainer? Falcon Watch, in southwestern HFP.
  • Where's the [other profession] trainer? Thrallmar, somewhere. This includes Jewelcrafting.
  • Where is Arelion's satchel? Hanging from a tree in the middle of the Pools of Aggonar, near his body.
  • Where is the Assassin? Northwest of the wall just west of the Pools of Aggonar.
There are also some exceedingly useful Outland maps available in the World of Raids forum, with flight points, points of interest, and quest info -- be sure to check there if you can't find something.

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