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NASCAR themed Track Vac runs circles around dirt

Darren Murph

If pimping out your Roomba to sing, dance, or flash doesn't really interest you, or you'd simply feel more comfortable still holding the reins of your trusty vacuum cleaner, Track Vac's NASCAR-inspired vacuum is just the thing. Officially licensed and laced with decals, this RF-controlled device burns out around your hardwoods and carpet to suck up dirt, dust, and small chunks of gravel, and even makes "authentic" start-up and power drain sounds to give you that familiar Sunday afternoon thrill. Sporting five vacuums patterns and a wireless remote to steer it around, the racer even includes its own "Pit Row" when a recharge is in order. Additionally, you can switch the tidying functions off and crank things up in Race mode, which is certainly a surefire way to convince your kids to clean up quickly if they want to frolic. The NASCAR Track Vac is available now for reliving Talladega Nights every time your floor gets a bit trashed for $279.95.

[Via CNET]

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