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New Final Fantasy spinoff headed for PSP this year?

Blake Snow

According to EGM issue 212 (Feb), Square Enix looks to be courting the PSP this year after a lackluster 2006 for the portable. Apparently, new games, remakes, and a popular spinoff are all slated for 2007. Q-man has the scoop: "... Square Enix is whipping up a wild lineup for the PSP this year. These guys are serious, too! I'm talking new games, remakes of old classics, and an all-new, unexpected Final Fantasy spinoff that will make fanboys flip."

A new spinoff, eh? Surely not another FF7 remake? You never know; this hearsay could morph into a reality, an easily forgotten fantasy, or something in between. For a quick refresher, see: How accurate are video game rumors?

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