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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 11 winner

Barb Dybwad

It was a heated battle, many flags capped on all sides, but we finally have a winner in the day 11 best PvP screenshot contest. Paul Kruyt sent the above Alterac Valley panorama made of 5 screenshots (you should definitely click the image for a high-res version), taken "back in the days when you could still walk over the mountains in the center of the map along 2 alternative paths." Paul is going to receive the Burning Crusade Official Strategy Guide for his effort. Thanks to everyone who sent in their PvP shots -- check after the break for screenshots from the runners-up!

Horde ninja team, from Cory Neale, aka Cowsoup on Dethecus

Gone fishin', from Richard W

The Earthfury Club, from Rowan Smith, aka Audiosmith on Dark Iron

Moon, from Matthew Levine

Thanks to everyone who sent in screenshots!

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