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Outland's most hated mobs


I was working through the Underbog for the first time with a group of acquaintances Thursday night when we came upon a pull of three spore bat mobs. "I hate these guys!" declared our tank. "They knock you down and I can't resist it, and I spend half the fight lying down. I hate them more than anything else out here!"

My most hated mob in the Outlands is probably the Collapsing Voidwalker. These guys do a large amount of damage if you are anywhere near them when they die, and with a target window that mysteriously disappears in most fights, it's hard to see when they're casting their collapse unless you're looking at your chat window. Plus, it took me a long time to figure out that they stood still when collapsing so you could run away. My most hated BOSS is definitely the first Draenei boss in Slave Pens. He's like a super-powered Jindo the Hexxer who is constantly dropping totems, so I spend the whole fight mashing my tab and sinister strike keys to get the totems down as soon as they come up.

I asked my guild and the Zangarmarsh General Chat about their most hated mobs, and I got a lot of replies:

  • Fel reavers
  • Every kind of rockflayer (like the stoneclaws in Hellfire Peninsula)
  • The crust breakers that erupt from the ground
  • The Alliance
  • Another vote for collapsing voidwalkers
  • A "Fel Your Mom"

What's your most hated mob in Outlands?

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