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Weekend heartwarmer: "Claim your DS!"

Jonti Davies

If you're depressed by recent tales of Wii-related death and injury, allow us to assuage your pain with a DS-related feel-good story from Japan (where else?). Kansai, Japan's Funky 802FM radio station yesterday interrupted its 24-hour funk regimen for DJ Mark'E (pictured) to make an important announcement: a stray Nintendo DS had been found in a park in Kyoto's Fushimi-ku ward. Some upstanding citizen had found the handheld and taken it to a nearby police box (they have "police boxes" in Japan), rightly assuming that a small child had dropped the DS. (This is a land where you can drop your wallet and expect it to be returned.)

Thanks to DJ Mark'E's repeated announcements, child and DS were reunited yesterday evening, tears were mopped, and this blogger was left wondering how the scenario would have played out in his native England. (Clue: no tears would have been mopped, but the finder would have celebrated with an exclamation of "bloody hell, what a freebie!") Three cheers, then, for Japanese citizens' sense of honour and stuff.

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