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Confirmed: no Xbox Live multiplayer in Guitar Hero II, update possible


GamePro has crushed our dream of thrashing some Xbox Live upstart in a Guitar Hero face-off come March (and we do emphasize "dream"). After a recent hands-on, the site confirms that the Xbox 360 port of Guitar Hero II will lack an online multiplayer component (despite a built-in headset jack on the game's X-Plorer controller). As in the PlayStation 2 version, Co-op, Face-off, and Pro Face-off modes will be limited to offline play.

Elsewhere, RedOctane has suggested that a multiplayer update (via Xbox Live) is possible. Apparently, iffy co-op play prevented online multiplayer from being a launch feature.

Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360 will feature leaderboards and downloadable songs (or 'jam packs').

[Thanks, Jonah]

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