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Austrians build concrete cast 5.1 speaker set

Darren Murph

We've seen a bevy of interestingly designed speaker systems come our way, and we've even caught a few glimpses of concrete-based gizmos, but a few crafty Austrians decided to create their own nearly immovable 5.1 surround set by casting each speaker in pure cement. By measuring out the dimensions and constructing molds using wood and wax, the speaker enclosures were then placed in a wire cage and doused with concrete. After solidifying, the internal molds were removed and a custom etched logo was carved on the side, only to be further decorated with a few dashes of paint. Eventually, the electronics and drivers were all installed and sealed up, leaving a surround system that would be quite a burden if any thieves tried to relocate them. While there's no specific step-be-step guide available, the entire process was fairly well captured in photographs, so be sure and hit the read link if you're interesting in killing gobs of time creating a very bizarre set of speakers, or click on through for a few more snapshots.

[Via HackADay]

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