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Release dates hit for Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8

Jason Wishnov

That's right. Super Paper Mario, a positively charming title once scheduled for the Gamecube, has been confirmed by the latest issue of Nintendo Power for an April release. The game, which will use the controller retro-style (read: on its side) to emulate that classic Mario feel, will use the A button to flip-flop between the 2-D and 3-D perspectives. Truly, we haven't seen a game of this particular dimensional scope since Yoshi's Story! For a bit more information on the title, check here.

Also, Mario Party 8, the first Wii entry in the seminal series, will be dropping on March 5th, according to Nintendo's official site. Along with Sonic and the Secret Rings, March and April are actually turning out to be some decent months for the little white box. With Wario Ware: Smooth Moves this past month and Wii Play on February 12th, we're set for awhile. You?

[Thanks to Ali, Naruhodou, and Castellanos!]

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