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Control your Xbox 360 with DirecTV remote

Darren Murph

You already know that Sony's PlayStation 3 can be dictated via IR, and even your iPod can be manhandled by an umbrella, but the latest discovery in controlling gizmos in unorthodox ways involves Microsoft's Xbox 360 and your universal DirecTV remote. Thanks to a little bit of trickery, you can save yourself the hassle (and expenditure) of buying an Xbox 360 remote by just using the one you've already received with your DirecTV service, and thankfully, the steps to completion are far from difficult. Simply switch the remote to AV1 and hold down the mute / select buttons until AV1 blinks twice. Then, key in 991, followed by 2, and finally tag the Power button; once you've worked off a few calories doing all this, just cycle Up a few dozen times until your console powers up, and once it does, just mash Select to complete the (essentially painless) process. If you're still holding tight to your doubts, be sure to hit the links below for a bit more proof, and click on through for a live action video showing the two (very) distant relatives playing nice together.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]

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