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Compro U2700 hybrid HDTV tuner gets Vista certified

Darren Murph

Yeah, we can already see that the onslaught of "Vista certified" devices will not be a pretty sight, but until Microsoft's newest OS becomes the norm, we guess that coveted sticker is you're only assurance that the gizmo you just purchased will actually work when you get home. Compro's latest HDTV tuner goes above and beyond the typical USB stick variety, as it bulks up a bit in size but also packs a bit more punch than similar alternatives. The U2700 hybrid DVB-T tuner connects to your PC via USB 2.0 and grabs free OTA HDTV transmissions as well as SD broadcasts, provides all the time-shifting / recording / scheduling capabilities we've come to expect, and boasts the unusual ability to "watch up to five digital 1080i streams simultaneously," although four of those must be pre-recorded. Of course, you'll need at least 3GHz of horsepower under the hood to create your own quilt of TV shows, and we doubt this feature is incredibly useful, but it's interesting nonetheless. Furthermore, you'll find an IR remote along with the ComproDTV 3 / Ulead software which allows you to time up recordings, capture still frames, handle straight-to-disc burning, and essentially turn your PC into a portable PVR. Unfortunately, there's no word just yet on pricing or availability, but we'll bet they try to beat everyone else to the punch and have this sitting as close as possible to those spiffy Vista boxes real soon.

[Via EverythingUSB]

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