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Square Enix licenses Unreal Engine 3


With more money and time being spent on creating detailed art assets for modern games, it's no longer surprising to see even Japanese developers licensing engines and toolsets from the likes of Epic Games. Square Enix have announced that they have entered into an agreement with the Unreal Engine 3 and Gears of War developer, gaining a complete middleware platform for use in their upcoming games.

General manager of R&D at Square Enix, Taku Murata, explains that the deal will speed up the creation process and allow developers to spend less time working on the nitty-gritty of technology. "The complexity of next-generation game systems featuring HD graphics and multi-core parallel processing poses a number of technological challenges to our game development. However, we can expedite our game development process significantly while allowing extra time and resources to be spent on game design and mechanics by establishing an effective technology platform."

Hopefully, Square Enix's Unreal 3 projects will fare better than Namco's aborted Xbox 360 attempt, Frame City Killer.

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