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Too Human emerging from a "very cold place"


Silicon's Knights founder Denis Dyack crawls out from a dark hole to deliver a new Too Human screenshot (pictured) and a few promises. Too Human went AWOL after its sketchy E3 showing (slide show, anyone?), but Dyack vows the game has undergone some significant tuning. The evidence is in the image, he claims. Hmmm ... maybe we're missing a cybernetic upgrade or something, but we're not able to judge frame rate, camera movement, and load times from a still shot. But oh yes, those are indeed some soft shadows...

Microsoft is expecting Too Human by July. The onus is on Silicon Knights to deliver. Is the pain from shame enough to drive this project beyond crushed expectations? We can't wait for this one to be dumped outta its ice bucket.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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