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Vista's crippled output DRM explained

Ben Drawbaugh

If you have been following the site for some time, you are all too familiar with ICT, HDCP, AACS and all the other bad words that make up the next generation DRM, but most of main stream media is just now realizing what is going on because Vista is right around the corner. All the chicken littles are coming out proclaiming how bad Vista is for consumers because of all this new DRM. The long and the short of it is that if the studios ever set the ICT bit on their titles and you don't have all your DRM ducks in a row, you will be forced to watch your HD DVD and Blu-ray movies at 540p (we wonder if you would even notice on a 14" laptop screen), this also goes for CableCARD content. While this does kinda stink, it would be more worrisome if there wasn't already a crack for AACS, so if it causes you any trouble just rip the movie first before playing it back. For a clearer more in-depth explanation of Vista's new DRM check out Chris' run down.

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