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PlayStation 3 can scale after all


The PlayStation 3's hardware scaling capabilities (or lack thereof) have been a serious point of contention since word first got out of the console's potential shortcoming, which left owners of HDTVs of a certain resolution unable to use their sets to their fullest potential with the console in its current state and unsure they'd ever be able to do so. Well, it looks like Sony may have a few tricks up its sleeve, with Beyond3D reporting that the company's latest software development kit includes measures that game makers can take in order to implement "hardware accelerated horizontal scaling" in their titles, ensuring that they'll always look their best, even on 1080i sets. What's not so clear is what this means for all the current games that pump out less-than-desirable results when hooked up to the aforementioned HDTVs, with patches seemingly one option but no official word given on that possibility. Although you can bet that this won't be the last word we hear on the subject.

[Via Joystiq]

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