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Gamexpert Cooler King cools your Xbox 360, hubs its ports


Quite exactly why anyone would want to connect "up to 4 media players at the same time" to their Xbox 360 is beyond us, but fortunately that's one of only three jobs that the Gamexpert Cooler King claims to do very well. As well as providing a 4-port USB hub for a quartet of PMPs, the Cooler King "cools" your Xbox 360 in a similar -- but not identical -- way to the Nyko Intercooler, and provides standard VGA, component, optical audio out, and S-Video connections, bypassing the need for pesky proprietary cables altogether. As the Cooler King appears to draw its power from the Xbox 360's unique A/V port, it should hopefully bypass the concerns that dogged Nyko's solution as well as providing the bonus of a non-proprietary port for each of the Xbox 360's currently supported outputs. is currently shipping the Cooler King to the UK for £17.99 (around $35), which is only a modest premium over its primary, and less featured, competitor. Next up from the third party Xbox 360-cooling cottage industry? A HDMI output for pre-Zephyr Xbox 360s: pretty please!

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