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KTF's EV-KD370 does automatic screen rotation, too

Chris Ziegler

Of the iPhone's 200-plus patents, automatic screen rotation must not be one of them -- either that, or we're up for a rather rousing legal brouhaha between His Steveness and Korea's KTF. It seems KTF's latest DMB slider for the local market, the pictured EV-KD370, can rotate the display with a flick of the wrist for enjoying mobile TV in the orientation of its lucky owner's choice. Perhaps even cooler, the sensor can be used to change tracks while listening to music, though we're guessing that means using it on a jog is out of the question. Otherwise, the KD370 seems like your typical Korean slider, complete with touch sensitive controls, a grim outlook for American availability, and the creepy out-of-focus hand model in the background.

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