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BlackSite: Midway investigates Area 51 again


Midway has cracked the lid off of its Area 51 sequel, now known as BlackSite: Area 51 (no longer Area 52). As a sequel, BlackSite shares little in common with its predecessor beyond the general setting of hidden military facilities in Nevada and a pervasive alien threat. While Area 51 was deliberately campy, BlackSite is fear driven. It's squad-based too (with online co-op likely); and will utilize Midway's Massive D system, the same technology that drives the fragile environments in Stranglehold.

GameSpy wasn't moved by a short BlackSite demo featured during a recent Midway junket in Las Vegas. We don't blame 'em. BlackSite, like Area 51 before it, looks to nail the formula without taking risks. Mediocrity can still drive sales.

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