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CBS reveals its preparations for Super Bowl XLI HD broadcast


CBS isn't resting on its reputation for quality HDTV broadcasts during the regular NFL season, as this Broadcasting & Cable article reveals its plans for Super Bowl XLI. Hopefully the person who counted all 47 HD cameras they plan to use during the game isn't the same person who thinks the matchup is between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints (as mentioned in the article), but no matter who is playing one thing you won't be seeing during the game is CBS' old Eye Vision 360 degree replay technology. With a cost over $2 million for an SD system, it's been shelved in favor of three ultra-high-frame-rate cameras for slow motion replays of big plays, or just for big Prince fans tuning into the halftime show. Surprisingly, all of this is still a smaller undertaking than the channel's coverage of the NCAA tournament, but here's hoping everything works out to provide a crisp 1080i picture (and 5.1 surround sound) for all.

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