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ATI / NVIDIA Vista gaming performance compared


While most of us now have a pretty good idea of how Vista itself performs, of even greater importance to some is how well the OS will meet the demands of their insatiable gaming habits. Stepping up to that plate, the folks at PC Perspective loaded up Vista on a pair of ATI and NVIDIA-based gaming rigs to see if one played more nicely with the OS than the other. After going through the usual battery of gaming-related tests, they found that ATI came out clearly ahead in most respects, although both left them somewhat disappointed in terms of overall experience. Most notably, they found ATI's Catalyst drivers to be far more capable than NVIDIA's Forceware package, which they describe as "rushed and hacked together." In both cases, however, they're recommending that gamers take the time to weigh the benefits of upgrading to Vista, with most likely to encounter a hit in performance and more than a few snags along with the way. For those who consider gaming their utmost priority, they take things one step further, telling them flat out to hold off on upgrading until ATI and NVIDIA get their software up to speed.

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