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Inventor patents personal TV censor


Inventor Matthew Jarman looks to be out to make the untamed TV landscape a little more palatable for those with sensitive ears, developing an application that'll mute out offensive language based on your potty-mouth tolerance level, or block programs all together if they prove to be unmutable. The system apparently works by monitoring the closed-captioning text that accompanies most television programs, muting the audio whenever it comes across a word you've deemed unsuitable -- seemingly a tricky thing to time properly, especially given the delay usually associated with CC feeds, although Jarman appears to be quite confident in its efficacy. To block entire programs, the system simply relies on program descriptions provided by electronic program guides. While there's no indication when or if the system will actually make it to market, a quick search of the ever-entertaining patent database reveals that some of Jarman's other content-blocking inventions have been licensed by none other than ClearPlay, Inc, which would seem to increase the likelihood that this one may follow suit.

[Via New Scientist]

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