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iSale 4 brings major eBay auction upgrades

David Chartier

iSale from equinux is a killer app for anyone serious about selling on eBay, and a recent update to version 4 brings some major new features to the table. A completely revamped template chooser functions much like GarageBand's sample chooser, utilizing multiple keywords to help you filter through over 130+ templates to find the perfect look and feel for your auctions. iSale 4 can now also pull item descriptions from Amazon, eBay and even your very own Delicious Library database, taking the chore out of collecting the nitty gritty details of whatever items you're posting. There is also much broader support for 'boilerplates,' snippets of information that remains the same across all your auctions such as shipping, introductions, item descriptions and even a general footer. In addition to already supporting FTP and .Mac for alternative image hosting for your auctions (eBay charges per picture), iSale 4 now also supports uploading and hosting from Flickr. Last but certainly not least on iSale 4's new features list is robust support for multiple eBay accounts, making it much easier for über-sellers or families to manage multiple accounts all in one app, without purchasing separate licenses or going through the effort of switching users in Mac OS X.

As a happy iSale customer in the past, I can tell you I've already upgraded and am darn satisfied with the new features. A three auction demo is available, while a full single license costs $40. Upgrades from 3.x are on sale for $14.95 (down from $19.95), though anyone who purchased after December 1st, 2006 gets grandfathered in at no charge. Multi-license packs are also available, starting at $49.95 for up to three Macs.

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