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SplitFish ready to get Sixaxis a'rumblin


Our old friend SplitFish is in the news again, claiming to have developed a new dynamic force feedback system (read: rumble) that will work inside PlayStation 3's Sixaxis controller. SplitFish alleges that its technology does not violate Immersion patents, suggesting that Sony would not risk further legal troubles if the PS3 maker opted to use SplitFish's force feedback system.

If Sony did partner up with the Edmonton gang, it would mark the climatic moment of one of the industry's great success stories. Just over a year ago, SplitFish was peddling 3D-glasses for PlayStation 2 among the cluttered stalls at the Sands CES Showroom in Las Vegas. Now the company is a Kutaragi signature away from redefining the PS3 controller? Maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves ... Perhaps glideFX-2.0 is more likely.

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