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Trying to buy a 360 from Wal-mart (three strikes, you're out)

Blake Snow

The above video features one prospective Xbox 360 customer named Tim trying to purchase the console from Wal-mart. He really wants to play Viva Piñata. His first attempt left him without a controller. He returned to exchange it for a second unit only to get the ring of death. He then ventured to Wal-mart a third time in exchange for yet another console and even powered up the system in the electronics department to ensure proper functionality. He took it home, and it wouldn't play games. Finally, Tim returned everything, got his money back, then sauntered into GameStop to buy his first working system. All told, Tim claims he spent six hours and a total of four trips to Wal-mart just to buy what should have been a "fully operational" machine. So either this is an isolated freak of nature, Microsoft is shipping abnormal amounts of defective product, or Wal-mart's restocking returns.

[via Consumerist]

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