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Godzilla 'Unleashed' on Wii, DS, PSP


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Atari is preparing to wake its sleeping giant. Following a pair of mediocre appearances that culminated in 2004's Save the Earth, the Godzilla franchise will return to terrorize Wii later this year. Godzilla Unleashed, being developed by Pipeworks Software, will be the third installment in Atari's monster brawl series, which began on GameCube with Destroy All Monsters Melee (2002).

According to Pipeworks, the single-player mode will group the game's monsters into four factions, each following a distinct narrative path. Meh, who cares? The real draw is destruction, and Pipeworks is promising plenty of that, boosted by years of progress and the chaotic tantrums afforded by the Wiimote and its Nunchuk sidekick. "Godzilla can be walking in one direction, attacking with his claws in another, firing his weapon in a third direction, and swinging his tail at a rear target all at the same time," boasted the developers. Whoa.

Pipeworks also confirmed plans to utilize WiiConnect24 and support 480p resolution and 16:9 displays. Versions of Godzilla Unleashed are also being developed for DS and PSP.

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