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Hookup Your iPod and Your Bluetooth Phone

Mat Lu

Computerworld has an article up on some interesting products from Macworld that were potentially missed in the iPhone hoopla. Perhaps the most interesting of them is the hookup from Lenntek ($170). It is a two piece solution for integrating your iPod and Bluetooth phone. It features a transmitter that fits onto the Dock connector of your iPod and a wireless iPod remote into which you plug your own headphones. You pair your phone with the remote and then use it to listen to (and control) your iPod, but then when the phone rings, a press of a button will stop the music and connect the call. There is a microphone built into the remote so you can take your call and when it's finished you can get back to your tunes. This is not the first product of this type, but it seems that the sound quality is not bad (at least according to one review), and it definitely is a slick looking little device.

In addition to the full-size hookup for the full-size iPod, Lenntek is also working on a lanyard model for use with the nano, but that one does not seem to be available yet.

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