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PSP firmware 3.10 is out


We patiently watched the latest PSP firmware 3.10 make its way 'round Asia. Now, just a few days later, it's here. The update from 3.03 enables MPEG-4 AVC video streaming to your PSP just as long as you own Sony's latest LocationFree base station. Don't have one, eh? Ok, then this update also extends support for PLAYSTATION®Network titles and adds a new dynamic normalization setting to better control music and other audio sources with varying output levels. It also packs a new "conserve memory" mode for the web browser to view a page with more information but with a potential decrease in image quality (presumably due to compression) when enabled. With the 3.03 downgrader just launched, you really have to ask yourself if the 3.10 firmware update is worth it or whether you'd be happier with the homebrew-friendly 1.50 firmware... and possibly a bricked PSP? Besides, word on the street is that 3.10 is already decrypted with a custom firmware release not far behind.

[Via PSP Updates, Thanks cyanide]

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