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Reader WoWspace of the Week: January 23 - 30

Paul Sherrard

Continuing the love from the last edition of Reader WoWspace of the Week, we've got another Mac in the mix. This week's WoWspace comes to us from Mark:

My WoW space:
17" MacBook Pro Core Duo (2GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB)
30" Apple Cinema Display
Apple wireless keyboard and Might Mouse

What I like:
All of it, is perfect for my WoW gaming. Nothing like playing it on a 30" display.

What could be improved:
A Mac Pro to replace the MacBook. Going to be 2007's purchase hopefully.

There you go, short and sweet, and to the point. The desk looks immaculate, and I can only wonder what playing on a 30" screen is like!

Remember to send in your own WoWspace pics and descriptions to readerwowspace at gmail dot com!

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