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Car modder installs water-cooled LED-backlit LCD

Darren Murph

If you think hooking your ride up with an in-car PC is 1337, or if you were impressed with Samsung's lineup of LED-backlit LCDs earlier today, you'll probably admire this one as well. For reasons unknown to mere men, a crafty car modder set out to not only install a water-cooled LED-backlit LCD into his ride, but to actually construct it. Taking a 12.1-inch widescreen display, he replaced the CCFL lamp with no fewer than 32 one-watt Luxeon LEDs, resulting in brightness akin to staring at the world's largest star. Additionally, he utilized a liquid-cooling setup which he later stated wasn't entirely necessary, but it does give you one more reason to boast. While we highly doubt the novice DIY crowd should try to replicate this without tons of dough and time to waste, be sure to click on through for a few more works-in-progress shots, or hit the read link for the full skinny.

[Via Hack-A-Day]

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