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Sony Ericsson patents cellphone docking station

Darren Murph

Laptop docking stations are so early-2000s, as Sony Ericsson has already patented what is essentially a docking station for your cellphone, dubbing it a Mobile Phone Multimedia Cradle. As predicted, the envisioned device would function much like standard lappie docking stations do today, as it would dock one's cellphone for charging / syncing, feature a numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard for dialing and typing, a built-in LCD screen for video out capabilities, and a variety of ports for peripheral connections. The device would allow users to surf the web, manage contacts / photos, transfer files, and basically do anything a highly-spec'd smartphone can do, but in your lap (and in place of a laptop). Of course, managing to play nice with every single powerful handset in the world would be a monumental challenge, and we're still a ways off from having a true laptop-replacing cellphone, but we'd wager that this here invention is certainly not a bad one to have on the drawing board. Click on through for a side-angle conception.

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