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Vista and iTunes Don't Play Nice Together

Mat Lu

With all the hoopla (or lack of hoopla) surrounding the Vista release to the general public, a problem has apparently come to light with iTunes compatibility. Various folks are reporting that you cannot authorize iTunes (for WIndows) on Vista to play things purchased from the iTunes Store. We actually mentioned before Apple's customer support is confirming that iTunes is not officially compatible and they are apparently saying that a Vista compatible version of iTunes is coming "soon." Of course, when I hear things like this my first inclination is to say "get a Mac!", but at the same time it seems like Apple has had plenty of time to get a Vista compatible version of iTunes out (Vista was released to corporate customers back in November). So while it probably won't affect that many TUAW readers (except maybe in Parallels), this is yet another reason to hold off a Vista "upgrade."

[Update: there's a thread on Apple's Discussions that suggests a work-around]

[]Via Digg]

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