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Former Jens of Sweden head could face six years in the slammer


After Jens Nylander filed for bankruptcy in Sweden and moved to Switzerland, we sort of figured his troubled past was behind him, but it seems the law has reared its ugly head once again, and Jens could be facing six years and six months for failing to pay some customs back in the day with JoS. Jens claims it was all a misunderstanding: "This goes back to December two years ago. At that point we were importing 300 to 400 shipments of mp3 players per year. The problem stemmed from two shipments of mp3 players and FM receivers. Two of the boxes were mistakenly classified as mp3 players, without mentioning the FM receivers. That meant that we paid 320,000 kronor too little in customs and VAT." Customs authorities didn't take too this too lightly, and a prosecuting attorney has been holding onto the case for two years, finally to spring it on Jens this week. The wild thing is that not only did Jens of Sweden pay the charges as soon as it recognized its error, but Jens was at that point owed one million kronor by customs officials for over taxation -- which Nylander understandably partly blames for the company's bankruptcy -- meaning the 320,000 kroner in "underpayments" from JoS was just going to be deducted from that one million anyways. Of course, that's Jens' side of the story, the prosecuting attorney was unreachable for comment, but while Jens says "This is very difficult for me, for the colleague involved and our families," he seems confident that it'll be Jens FTW on this one, so that he can go back to whatever auditory tomfoolery he's getting into in Switzerland.

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