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Microsoft's "Clippy" putting on a 3D skirt in Japan?


We're not sure what's going on here exactly, but based on our interpretation of the machine translation, Microsoft Japan is at the very least helping to promote Frepar Network's new 3D virtual communication products in an Office 2007 giveaway. Of greater interest however, is the ability for that device (or POD) pictured to display a three dimensional woman who interactively titillates demonstrates Microsoft's new Office 2007 software much to the delight of Japan's lonely businessmen. Just insert a "Codec Cell" -- a type of DNA horse-pill imprinted with the personality and attributes of different characters -- into Frepar's Virtual Communications POD and watch your virtual friend come to life. Drunk at the hotel mini-bar missing her? No problem, grab Frepar's VoIP-based Samuraiphone and give her a ring. Just don't get carried away because her skirt will flutter against the waft of your hot, breathy prose. No, really. A variety of planned accessories will allow the POD's characters to link to terrestrial digital broadcasts and the Internet for a bit more lifelike interaction and widgetry than say a blinking bunny or customizable keyboard. What's more, Frepar plans to offer "material transfer fields" which act like portals to transfer real-world items into her virtual world such as food, medicine, and plenty of costumes to feed your sick fantasies. You can even put your character on an "enjoyable diet" and monitor her weight -- fun! So what are we talkin' for all this space-age technology... beaucoup dinero, right? Not so, the Frepar POD will hit later in the year for about ¥30,000 or right around $250. Goodbye "Clippy," hello girlfriend! Check all the gear below as well as a prototype on display at CES.

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